Morris Dam - National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Autobiography of Irving Sherman, Civil Engineer

Nomination of Route 66 as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Re-inactment in 1913 of the Founding of the Texas Section (Video)


All-American Canal Plaque-unveiling Ceremony (Video)


Founding of the Los Angeles Section

John D. Galloway, Civil Engineer

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena

Founding of ASCE Region 9 - Roster of 2005-6

The Pelton Impulse Water Wheel

Lower Crystal Springs Dam Nomination As A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

California Water Resources History & The Central Valley Project's First 75 Years

2005 Nomination of Sweetwater Dam as National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Los Angeles Section Archives

A Few Past Leaders of the Los Angeles Section

The Outstanding CE Career of Michael O'Shaughnessy (1864-1934) in San Francisco

1930 Dedication of the Theodore Dehone Judah Monument

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Caltrans Quarter Century Club

U.S. Naval Ordnance Ballistic Missile Test Station at Morris Dam in World War 2

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Perspectives in Civil Engineering Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of ASCE

100 Years of Embankment Design and Construction in the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

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Hoover Dam and the Evolution of Uplift Theory

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Historic Civil Engineering Books and References

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Joe Biden on Infrastructure

Los Angeles Section Life Member Biographies

A Man, A Dam and A Disaster: Mulholland and the St. Francis Dam by J. David Rogers

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"Civil Engineers Building a Better World" - a Book by The Orange County Branch Celebrating ASCE's 150th Anniversary in 2002

An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Books, Compact Disks and Videotapes on the History and Heritage of Civil Engineering by David R. Gilbert


Arroyo Seco Parkway - California's First Freeway