Welcome to the Region 9 Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Forum!
Here you can suggest changes to the website that you would like to see; post links to sites with additional information about existing landmarks, and submit proposals for the nomination of projects to be designated as local, regional, or national historic civil engineering landmarks in any of the four Region 9 Sections.

Currently, there a 5 categories from which to choose:
  • General
  • HCELs in the San Diego Section
  • HCELs in the Los Angeles Section
  • HCELs in the San Francisco Section
  • HCELs in the Sacramento Section
Your comments are welcome and you will receive a reply from the person who is responsible for maintaining the category to which you send your comment.

Nice website with good landmarks maps and listings for the 4 CA ASCE sections.
Thank you for allowing me to review your website.
I wish you well for the Anaheim ASCE National ASCE History Sessions in October.

Jerry Rogers, PhD, P.E., Distinguished M.ASCE, Chair- HHC